Advancement of Education

PROCHESTA believes that knowledge is power and education is the backbone of a nation and that one of the root causes of backwardness of Bangladeshi society especially...

Our work


 Emergence and commitment

Human suffering is simply unacceptable.

Unfortunately human suffering of all manifestations
is a common phenomena particularly in a proverty stricken,

densely populated country like Bangladesh.


Massive Emergency Medical Service Rohingya Refugees

We urge kind hearted people and humanitarian relief organizations to generously contribute to establishing 
a mobile hospital on an urgent basis and developing thereby an efficient, timely, effective and
comprehensive medical service system in response to the current.


Integrated development & humanitarian initiative

Deprivation of basic human needs and dignities coupled with lack of opportunities
and resources for decent life are among the core factors responsible for human suffering.
Bangladesh has enormous potential to develop the destitute people. 


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