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PROCHESTA is running a Tahfeezul Qur’an school (school for memorizing the Qur’an) with full facilities and accommodation of students and teachers, albeit in poor condition.


The school, in this current poor building structure, is running for  quite a long while from where several batches have graduated after memorizing the whole Qur’an. The school has currently 35 full time residential students and a full time teacher for which PROCHESTA is responsible to bear all expenses.

The school is expected to grow larger to accommodate and train 100 children and employ teachers which will require approximately $ 2000 per month. As the current school building is very weak, this has to be rebuilt with classroom separated from student dormitories.


This will additionally cost approximately $ 50,000/-. The school is not only supporting the students to memorize the Qur’an but also teaching them the conventional the national curriculum and training them the basic teachings of Islam which if ingrained in their minds and moral character at their early age can make them good human beings and later emerge as competent imams, teachers and other social activists who can bring positive social change towards integrated development.


A Hafiz is a person in whose heart the whole Qur’an (the sacred Words of Allah) is securely stored. You might not have got the opportunity to be a Hafiz, but you may avail of the opportunity to support the school that may create hundreds of Hafizs.

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