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PROCHESTA believes that knowledge is power and education is the backbone of a nation and that one of the root causes of backwardness
of Bangladeshi society especially in remote villages resulting in human suffering is illiteracy and lack of education.


PROCHESTA is cognizant and appreciative of the objective, wisdom and supreme importance of a Qur’anic word that Allah (swt) has revealed as His first word through the Prophet (pbuh) to the human kind, which is “ إقرأ “or “read”.


As the Qur’an is the most authentic guidance from Allah (swt) for the humanity and as the first revealed word of the Qur’an is “read”, PROCHESTA understands that the 

Islamic perspective of and approach to development underscores the topmost priority and foremost significance of education.


Therefore, PROCHESTA has placed the advancement of education on its first agenda of intervention. In order to implement this agenda, PROCHESTA has initiated various schemes.

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