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By capturing and capitalizing on the Islamic significance of education, and in order to supplement all existing governmental and non-governmental efforts for advancement of education, PROCHESTA aims at developing each village masjid as a model center for literacy and education.


PROCHESTA has introduced day time social school for women (mostly housewives) and night time social school for elderly people who work in agricultural farms during day time.

The social school scheme deserves further attention and requires development of infrastructure, facilities and adequate resources for every village.

If all masjids can be utilized to serve as such social schools, the education and training would be more effective with religious values and spirit of education added.


PROCHESTA is determined to gradually expand its operation to cover as many villages as possible under the social school.An estimated amount of $ 100 per month can allow us to cover a village.


PROCHESTA has current capacity and human resources to utilize a total of $ 50,000/-annually if made available which can cover many villages and bring expected results in the enhancement of literacy and education among the elderly people.

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