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Poverty is the state of being poor which can be characterized by deprivation of basic human needs including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, healthcare, shelter, education and information.


Poverty also represents physical insecurity, powerlessness, lack of voice, susceptibility to exclusion, subjugation and violence and no or insufficient capacity and opportunity to lead a decent and better life. Poverty is undoubtedly a root cause of all human sufferings, a denial of basic human rights and a violation of human dignity.


Vast majority of people in the rural areas of Bangladesh live below absolute poverty line and are deprived of basic necessities of life as human beings. People are hard-working. However, due to lack of adequate financial resources, information, awareness, training and capacity, their living condition remains unchanged.


PROCHESTA considers all causes and effects of poverty including hunger, malnutrition, health hazards, shelter, illiteracy, incapacity and other poverty related concerns as the root causes of human suffering and takes them as challenge to humanity that it seeks to address in a holistic approach.


As part of its holistic approach to combatting poverty and thereby preventing human suffering, PROCHESTA has singled out  advancement of education and healthcare agenda with special attention as explained above


In addition, given its limited capacity and resources, PROCHESTA has initiated and will continue to run many other schemes to provide all required support to poor people including micro-finance, training, planning, supervision and management etc. for their capacity building so as to enable them to change their life towards continued betterment.

Capacity Building; Source of Earning: Since Bangladesh is an agro-based economy and many of the country’s poor population who live in rural areas are involved in agro-fisheries and cattle farming occupation, many of the PROCHESTA schemes are targeted at building the poor’s capacity and improving productivity in the broader agriculture sector that will help improve their livelihood and quality of life. 


PROCHESTA has provided cows to many landless poor farmers so that they can plough others’ land and earn money to support their families. 


PROCHESTA has provided cattle to many poor housewives to raise which enhances their capacity and entrepreneurship and helps them earn some extra money to support their families.


PROCHESTA has supported many jobless poor people to run small businesses including tea-stall and grocery store etc that have given them better family life. 


PROCHESTA believes that an estimated amount of $ 1500/- can help a family in Bangladesh fight poverty and run a decent life with some basic necessities of life met.

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