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Treament of extremely poor, critical patients

In fact this is an area that has claimed significant resources and commitment of PROCHESTA in response to urgent humanitarian calls particularly from terminally ill patients with acute diseases. PROCHESTA has raised about $ 200,000/- during the last couple of years and sponsored full treatment of many individual patients who lost all hopes of life. 


PROCHESTA has stood beside these two brilliant young girls, among others, both are students, and provided them with full support as a responsible guardian to fight against their life-threatening diseases for recovery to normal life and continuing education.  


Sabina, a young girl who just passed college, was suffering from a painful breast tumor that might potentially develop as life-threatening breast-cancer. Having no father to take care and no ability for treatment, she lost hope of life and further education once diagnosed with the tumor. Sabina could be one of our lovely daughters, sisters, nieces or a close relative. We couldn’t let her in such bleak life without treatment! PROCHESTA took care of all expenses for Sabina’s surgery and treatment. With collective efforts, Allah (swt) has restored a normal happy life to Sabina and she can now smile again.

Mohsina was suffering from A-Plastic Amenia (Hemoglobin loss). She was a brilliant student in a district level college in Bangladesh who constantly maintained first class at all levels of her studies. However due to her extremely deteriorating health condition, she was advised to immediately undergo a complicated bone marrow transplantation surgery but with complete inability of her parents to bear the expenses. PROCHESTA tried its best to raise about $ 85,000/- with which Mohsina has undergone the prescribed surgery and is continuing long treatment procedures in India. Alhamdu lillah, Mohsina has recovered significantly and is now enjoying normal life.


In addition to Sabina and Mohsina, PROCHESTA has extended full support to the treatment of many other critical patients of cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, brain stroke, disc prolapse and kidney dysfunctions etc.


Whereas the need for supporting the increasingly growing number of critical poor patients is endless, PROCHESTA has planned to develop a permanent fund and budgeted for the current year to spend about $50,000/- for the treatment of such terminally ill patients for which PROCHESTA welcomes any kind of contribution including zakat and sadaqah. 

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