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Whereas we are blessed with many amenities of happy prosperous life, there are many destitute orphans, widows, disabled and helpless elderly people around us whose suffering cannot be expressed in words. PROCHESTA cannot accept such inhuman suffering of human beings. While the call is so urgent and heart-throbbing, and the scope of work is so wide and unlimited, PROCHESTA with its limited capacity and resources struggles hard to stand beside such afflicted cross-section of humanity and be their guardian through various humanitarian programs.

Supporting Orphans, Widows, Disabled and Elderly People

There are many families of orphans and widows without no means of support. Regarding orphans in particular, PROCHESTA believes that with adequate provision of food, lodging, livelihood and care and ensuring proper education and training for them, they can be developed as competent human assets rather than a burden on the society. 


PROCHESTA is desirous of launching a noble social initiative and build an orphanage that should take care of full support of 50-100 orphans including their foods, accommodation, healthcare, education, spiritual development and vocational & technical training facilities. 


PROCHESTA has already initiated construction of the orphanage building which now requires $5k to complete. Meanwhile, PROCHESTA is currently providing full support to at least 12 families of orphans and widows, disabled and elderly people. Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) has mentioned that the sponsor of an orphan and the Prophet (pbuh) himself would live in the paradise as close to each other as the two adjacent fingers that he showed of his palm..


Decent Home for Homeless: A permanent shelter to live and rest in is a basic human necessity. Having no shelter is a cruel effect of absolute poverty and is a root cause of inhuman suffering for human beings. Whereas we live in luxurious houses, there are lot of people in villages who do not have proper homes to accommodate large families. Due to extreme poverty, they cannot afford to build even decent clay houses that are typical in rural Bangladesh. PROCHESTA stands beside such hapless impoverished families. It has already built houses for several families and plans to continue every year as much as its resources permit. Below are some sample houses PROCHESTA has built. It costs only about $ 8000/- for such a house that can be a permanent housing solution to a poor family. 

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