Human suffering is simply unacceptable. Unfortunately human suffering of all manifestations is the common phenomena particularly in a poverty stricken densely populated country like Bangladesh.


Deprivation of basic human needs and dignities coupled with lack of opportunities and resources for decent life are among the core factors responsible for human suffering.

Bangladesh has enormous potential to develop and the destitute people of Bangladesh deserve adequate opportunities and resources to prevent suffering and enjoy better life. PROCHESTA emerged to liberate the hapless humanity from all grips of deprivations and sufferings.

PROCHESTA is a Bangla word which means efforts. In English transliteration PROCHESTA stands for and means Program for Rural Occupational, Cultural, Healthcare, Educational, Social and Technical Advancements.

As the term stands for, PROCHESTA has emerged with certain noble objectives and firm commitment. In the pursuit of its objectives and commitment,PROCHESTA has undertaken necessary effective measures targeting at some comprehensive positive changes and advancements resulting in the betterment of standard of living of abject humanity.

About Us

PROCHESTA International Inc. is registered in the State of New York, USA as not-for-profit tax-exempt incorporation with ID Number: 46-1720018. PROCHESTA strives to stop human suffering, uplifting the quality of life and living conditions through the advancement of education, healthcare, capacity building, and poverty reduction.


Join us in this noble effort!