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arsenic Free, clean drinking water & sanitary toilet

Although water is one of the most essential components of life, rural people do not have access to such water that is safe for health.


In many places, the ground water that is the only source of drinking water for villagers is contaminated with high level of arsenic that causes great threat to the poor villagers’ health. PROCHESTA desires to ensure free access of poor villagers to germ-free, arsenic-free, clean drinking water. As such, with its current limited resources, PROCHESTA has established at the cost of $ 5,000/- two deep tube wells with water reservoirs in a village that supply arsenic-free, germ-free, clean drinking water for all villagers free of charge.


PROCHESTA believes that with an estimated budget of $ 5,000/- per village, this facility can be extended to other villages in the interest of water safety for poor villagers. 


It is also alarming for health safety that most of the village families do not use sanitary toilet. It is true that some families do not have financial ability to make such toilet while some others can afford but are not aware of its significance. PROCHESTA is trying its best to create a fund to help the poor families to establish sanitary toilet and at the same time generating mass awareness to use such toilet for health safety.

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